So they left us here
in this beautiful landscape
of forest hills and lakes
and they went away to fight
“for a better world”

Children we were, innocent
and they were our parents, wise
so we accepted it and stayed
with our toys for company
and their promises
waiting for the better world.

weeks passed and none came back
we grew, along with our fears
broken toys and broken promises
we couldn’t hold on to any of them
incapable of facing the world.

And with time the bright days were lost
And the starlit nights never came
And the moon stopped smiling on us
And the only that was left was a cold twilight
A herald of either night or day
But neither of them would come

Autumn came and our hopes
fell like rotten leaves
from our tree of youth
the way back was covered with those leaves
there was no way back

Winter now..the light in our eyes
the only warmth that is left
not enough..we die, we die alone
A small fire burns in the fireplace
fueled by our toys and their promises,
so long ago..

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  1. ナイキ マグマ on October 24th, 2013

    ナイキ マグマ…


  2. エルメス バーキン on November 6th, 2013

    エルメス バーキン…

    サボイ バッグ…

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