Introduction to “The guide of how to shape the light”

In the beginning there was darkness.
Deep and true. Cold?
Not necessarily. There are times when darkness offers an unexpected warmth. It is a refuge and a house. And houses are always warm.

In the beginning there was non-light. Then light was made and darkness was lost from the known world and something else came, an illusion of darkness when the light cannot bath everything. This illusion we name shadow.
Shadow is a filter. It filters light and it presents it to us like something else. Shadow is not evil. Shadow is colour.

What is the real light then? Light has two natures. It can be approached as wave or as matter. In this handbook light has two different natures. The light that we see, that reflects on lakes and slips through the trees and dances on the sea’s waves, the light that reveals things no matter if beautiful or ugly.

But there is another nature of light that we cannot see but we feel it inside us.
This light cannot be described with colors but with feelings. Pure, warm and hopeful.This light knows no obstacles cause it is immaterial, like a wave. This light comes to gently touch our souls’ chords. Real light that sometimes is so bright that our soul cannot contain all this beauty and our eyes are brought to tears.

This light, that inspire of its complexity it can be captured by a simple photograph. The smile of a baby with its arms outstretched as his parent holds it in the air. The hand that helps someone who lost every hope of help. The rainbow that lies on the horizon to end every hardship.

The light, such a valuable thing that, without it we wouldn’t be living and we would be traveling in the unknown world.
A travel to real darkness.

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